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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Programs, Little Gym, Build -A-Bear and Parks

This post is kind of long because we have been so busy the last week. I wanted to just put up some pictures to give you an idea of what we have been up to both before we left Lagos and after we arrived in Houston. I think the kids and I are finally adjusted to Houston time.:) Last Wednesday, Jeremy had a Christmas program at school. The children all dressed up like snowmen ( thank goodness I had a scarf and gloves....a very difficult thing to find in Lagos!!!) They sang "Five Little Snowmen". It was so cute to see the all up on the stage.:)
This week, on Monday night, my friend's daughter had her Christmas program. Jeremy loved it because he could sing right along with all the Christmas songs the children were singing. Elizabeth decided in the middle of the program to have a "fashion show" and put on her glasses and hat.:) Her big brother followed suit.
On Wednesday, we were off to Little gym. Jeremy used to take classes there before we moved away, and the instructors were so great. they remembered us when we came in. Jeremy took a class along with my friend's daughter. They had a really great time....I think Jeremy even remembered some of the things he learned there.:)
Last night, Jeremy's godmother, another dear friend, took the kids and I out to Build -A-Bear. The kids had a blast and were so excited to see that they could make Rudolf from the movie. We had a great time seeing the kids pump the machine to fill up the toys and then, rub the heart and make a wish before putting it inside.:) They even got to give their new friends a bath!!!:)

Today, we went to have lunch at the park. The kids loved running around outside without dripping in sweat...and there was a breeze!!! Very unlike Lagos.:) So, that sums up what has been going on over the last week.:) Hope you are all doing well!!!:)

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  1. It looks like you are having so much fun! Enjoy the great weather!