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Sunday, August 1, 2010


34 was the number yesterday. If you add the numbers together, you get the number 7. If you double it, you get 68. For me, it meant how old I became yesterday. I am 34 years say that is really weird to me. I can't believe that this year would be my 17th year high school reunion. It would be my 12th college reunion!! Who is that 34 year old?? It can't be way! But, it is true, I am 34, and before I freak out about it too much more...I am going to focus on the positive aspects of this number. I think back ten years ago when I was 24....still teaching and not knowing if I would ever have children. I had just moved to New Orleans and thought I had moved to another country! I was so green then. Alot has happened in the last ten years...Guy and I moved to Houston and then to Lagos. We have two beautiful children and a great family. I have met so many new friends on my path of the last 10 years as well as staying touch with my old ones and seeing how our lives change together along the path of life.:) Now that I think about it, 34 isn't too bad...I am wiser and have learned so much. Now, I hope I can think this way when I turn 44! Ha ha:)
My birthday was great! Jeremy and Guy cooked breakfast for me and the kids gave me flowers. Guy gave me a blackberry so I can keep in touch with everyone so much better through e-mail at my fingertips.:) The day ended with a steak dinner on the grill and a birthday cake.:) ( and the gift of three poopy panties from Elizabeth..a gift only a two year old can give). 34 isn't too bad.:)

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