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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our First Baby

This last week has been pretty quiet around here. There are still many families who are traveling and are returning next week before school starts. The kids and I are getting a little stir crazy, but enjoying some quiet rest time before school and schedules get crazy.:) I was just thinking today about wishing I was back in the U.S. so I could hop in the car and take the kids to a different park each day when I looked over at Bernice. She was lying on the carpet sleeping. As soon as I got up her tail started wagging a little bit. She has been here since last year and never left the compound, and she has never complained about it.:) She was our first baby, and she is going to be 11 in October. She has been a wonderful part of our family, and I have to say the quietest baby we have ever had. Although she is moving alot slower these days, she is always there for us when we get home with her tail wagging. I know she is a dog, but she can teach me alot about where my home is. For her, it doesn't matter where she is, she is home when we are all together. The first few weeks I get back from the U.S. I am usually in a funk, but I have to think that home is where my family is and right now it is here in Lagos.:)

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