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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Go Slow"

In Nigeria, whenever there is a traffic is called the "Go Slow". I don't know how these guys manage to know exactly where the traffic is going to be slow...but somehow, they do. You can find just about anything in the "Go Slow". on this Saturday, there were people selling, toilet seats, mops, brooms, pool toys, clocks, and yes, even drivers....who were driving on the road...very scary. The men run along side vehicles with passengers who want to purchase an item. I have to say...they must be really in shape to run after cars all day long. I also saw a "staff bus" transporting some construction workers. When I say staff bus, I mean a container which has square holes cut out of it and being pulled by a semi...only in Nigeria.:) The picture of all the men riding on the truck is pretty typical of how you would see people riding around Lagos. Just think, if you were here, you could see all this on just a typical day in Lagos traffic.:)

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