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Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Feet

On Saturday, my mom and I had a girl's day out while my dad stayed home and watched the kids ( thanks dad!). It was so fun to go out to the salon and have pedicures with the massaging chairs and the aroma therapy scrubs.:) I can have a pedicure in Nigeria, but I would much rather go to a salon outside my house than have someone come to my apartment and do my nails.:) Then, we went to a movie with no kids and no distractions. It was a really relaxing quiet afternoon which was very welcome after packing the shipment and my daughter waking up at 5 :55 every morning!!!! ugh!! When my mom and I came home, the kids were in the pool with my dad and they both immediately noticed my toe nails. Elizabeth ran to my bathroom and found some nail polish and kept saying " Paint me!!! Paint me!!" So, I gave my little girl her first pedicure on Saturday and she was so proud of her toes. She kept showing them off to my dad, mom and Jeremy. I realized that this is one of the bonding experiences you can only have with your little girl. It makes me happy to think of all the pedicures yet to come.:)

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