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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Father's Day ( a little early)

I haven't been on the blog for a while. The kids and I have once again traveled back to the U.S. But, before we we left Nigeria, we had to celebrate Father's Day with Guy.:) Since the kids were going to be apart from him this summer over Father's day, we gave him his gifts early. I went to the fabric market and picked out some fabric and had a local tailor copy a shirt for Jeremy and Guy to have matching shirts. I also had a new Nigerian outfit made for Guy since he said the last one he had wasn't as "wild and bright" as he wanted it.:) And, of Course, Jeremy has a matching outfit to go with it. ( Elizabeth and I have matching outfits as well.) It was so neat to watch Guy open his gifts and the kids get so excited to see him opening the gift. Jeremy was even able to keep it a secret...amazing. They even made him some Father's day cards, too. To top it off, we had Korean food for lunch. ( One of Guy's favorites) At the end of the day, I asked Guy what he thought about his Father's day, and he said," It was the best Father's day ever because I have the most wonderful kids." I have to say, I truly agree with him.:)

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