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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Lagos

Halloween in Lagos...just saying that sounds a little strange to me. It is so hot here right just doesn't feel like Fall. Although, in Houston, many times, it wasn't too cool at this time of year either. But, something about being in Nigeria for Halloween is a bit odd.:) I really do like Halloween. For one day a year, everyone can use their imagination and pretend to be someone else. It is also a holiday that doesn't require a lot of gifts...people can just have fun together. But, of course....there is always the candy. The candy has always been my favorite part of Halloween...especially the chocolate.:) Jeremy dressed as a pirate and Elizabeth was a fairy princess( thank goodness I found that costume in Amsterdam, too) Both the kids were so excited to wear their costumes.:) Our compound had a small costume parade also so all the adults could see all the cute costumes the kids were wearing.:) Then, we were off to trick or treat. I will tell you that trick or treating here requires a whole lot more effort than in Houston. We started in the low rise where there is no elevator and to get to the top floor flats you walk up 52 steps....ugh!!! Not too fun when you are carrying a 19 month old also. But, we made it, and it was so worth it to see Jeremy and Elizabeth say trick or treat and get their candy. Of course, Elizabeth didn't understand that you wait to eat the candy until you get home. She cried to have her candy opened every time someone put candy in her bucket. There were so many pieces of candy with one bite taken out of them in her pumpkin. I definitely got my work out in the low rise. When we got to the high rise, it was a welcome relief....we could take the elevator.:) When we were done, Jeremy told me that his bucket was "too heavy". It was funny to go through the candy when we got home. You can tell everyone packed Halloween candy in their shipments because all the candy is melted and reformed inside the wrappers.:) Later on, we went and shared some of our Halloween candy with the children who live in the staff quarters. They were really excited to get sweets as they call it. The Nigerian children don't really celebrate Halloween, but I am sure they love to see all the crazy Americans come out in our costumes every year.:)

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