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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at School

On Friday, Jeremy's class celebrated Halloween. Jeremy was a pirate this year for Halloween.
(I had totally forgotten about Halloween when I was packing my shipment. So, I was so happy when I found a costume when we were in Amsterdam. The pirate costume was the only one I could it was so good when Jeremy seemed excited to be a pirate.) The festivities at school started with a costume parade in the courtyard of the school. Then, all the students were able to trick or treat in a few of the classrooms. It was so nice to see how kind and loving the older kids were to the little ones as they passed out candy to the children. After trick or treating, the children changed back into their uniforms ( which went much more smoothly than I expected,,,there were no tears). Since I am one of the room moms, I stayed to help with the Halloween party. The students were able to decorate a pumpkin (which I was so happy about....the tradition of decorating a pumpkin at Halloween for Jeremy hasn't been broken yet. Who knew we would be able to find pumpkins in Nigeria???). It was so neat to have them hold and touch a pumpkin because this week they had learned all about how a pumpkin grows. The kids had a great time drawing shapes for the pumpkin faces. After we decorated pumpkins, the children were able to decorate a Rice Krispie treat with orange frosting and some chocolate chips for the face. They all had a great time. it was worth it to see how happy they looked!:)

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