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Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Day in London

Friday was our full day in London. We wanted to do things with the kids that they would enjoy. Guy found out about a boat ride on the Thames River. So we got on the boat right by the Tower of London. We took it to the London Eye ( the huge ferris wheel in London). The ride on the London Eye was amazing. You could see everything from up there. Jeremy loved it, but poor Elizabeth, it was just too much for her. She fell asleep right before we got on and slept all the way past the time we got off.:) We had an awesome view of Big Ben. Even though it started to rain while we were on the Eye, it was still so neat to see London from a bird's eye view. From there, we took the kids to Hamley's Toy Store. It has to be the biggest toy store I have ever been in. There are FIVE full floors of nothing but toys!!! It was complete madness! But, Jeremy and Elizabeth had a ball looking at all the toys and watching the different workers demonstrate the different toys in the store. We went from there to the National Art Gallery. We had better luck finding children frendly food that night. We rode on the Underground ( subway) quite a bit that day. Jeremy loved the train " under the street". We also rode a double decker bus. I think Jeremy was in heaven that day: toys, trains, and buses.:) Eizabeth just enjoyed the ride.:)

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