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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting to the airport in London

The next day, July 25, we headed back to Heathrow Airport in London. All twelve bags, four carry ons, two car seats and double stroller. The same van came and picked up our luggage and a separate car took us to the airport. The drive through London on Saturday morning was so pretty. Our driver took us past Buckingham Palace. When we arrived at the airport, our flight was going to be on time. Thank goodness. Getting all the bags to get checked in was another hassle. But, we did it. Jeremy is getting really good at just taking off his shoes when he sees the security people.:) The flight from London to Lagos was 6 hours...but during the not another overnight flight. I think the kids are starting to know what to do on the plane. both of them slept for much of that flight.:)

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