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Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, apparently I am being plagued by a very rare case of insomnia tonight.  I'm not sure why....maybe it is the constant weird noises which I "think" I am hearing and in my head it's a huge Nigerian rat clawing through the wall looking for more Goldfish crackers.  Or maybe it's because I have thoughts of Dora the Explorer on the brain for my soon to be FOUR year old's birthday party next weekend.  Anyway, I thought it may be a good time to write a post on the blog and show you some pics that didn't quite make it in this week.:)
James Bond and Honey Ryder heading to a Mardi Gras party last Saturday

James Bond in "action" ( with a Nerf gun:)

Who knew James could mix up a hurricane???

celebrating with friends:)
 Thanks so much Suzieta!!! We had a great time!!:)

meeting a dear friend's baby for the first time!:)

too friend's first girl!!!:) yay!!!
 as if my life isn't a bit crazy enough, I have decided to make a pinata for Elizabeth's birthday party next weekend....and while I was armpit deep in paste I noticed this...
 Just in case anyone is here if you want to audition.  I swear it's true...I couldn't make this stuff up!!! ( I've been meaning to blog about this one for some time...but never got around to it.:))
Yes, apparently there is an actual Nigerian Idol

Then, there is my cute, energetic little girl who has nothing but tenderness and love for her mom... that is when she can manage to keep her tongue in her mouth!!!:)
 Oh, and by the way since this post is very can get pretty good Thai food here on Victoria Island......with FREE delivery!!!!!!!  Bangkok  has been excellent with delivery ...and most importantly...we haven't gotten the almost three years we have been here from eating there.:)  Lagos DOES have some very good restaurants!  A few of them are Indigo ( Indian food), Medici's ( Italian food) Manuela's ( pizza),Fusion ( Lebanese and Sushi), Bungalow's ( Lebanese and sushi/ Teppanyaki).  Notice I never at any time in this post said that the service was always great at these restaurants...but the food has always been good.:)  Now, I am starving all of the sudden!!!
Our dinner tonight!!! Yummy!!:)
Ok, my eyes are feeling a bit more tired and hopefully I can get my mind to rest better now.  I hope my mind can settle down from more random thoughts and at the very least get the Goldfish eating, wall gnawing rat out of my mind!!!!!

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