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Thursday, March 1, 2012


*Warning*  When you bring your young daughter to Lagos, Nigeria, she may turn into someone else.  I mean that in the best possible way, though.  There are so many beautiful Nigerian women in Lagos, and they definitely have their fashion sense and accessorizing down!!!  I'm getting a little nervous, though.  Is it possible that an almost four year old could also emulate these qualities??  Could she actually be turning into a *gasp* "Nigerian Diva"????

 Here are the top five signs your daughter, may too, be turning into a Nigerian Diva:

1)  She says "Sorry-O" when she sees someone hurt themselves, but then, doesn't bat an eye as she walks on by.

2)  Someone else should carry her purse for her. ( This is when Happiness refers to her as the "president's wife"...Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan.)

3)  She MUST be accessorized with necklaces and not one but two watches (one for each wrist)

4)She has more handbags than she will ever be able to carry .

5)  She walks downstairs and stands in the driveway of our compound with her hands on her hips and yells "Where's MY driver???!!!!!" ( This is when Happiness laughs and says she is the "small madame")

I guess that's what happens when you have lived here since you were sixteen months old.:)  Happiness agrees with me...she definitely has the "diva" in her.:)  Guy and I both thinnk she will always have a little piece of Nigeria in her.:)

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