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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Little Socialite

The day began at 5:45 I need to say anything more??????
Brand new Princess Bike!!
 Let's just say screeches of delight and yells of glee filled the flat at that early morning hour!!!:)
 There were many gifts to open...thanks to grandparents across the ocean ...and our yearly shipment!:) Thank goodness she still liked what I ordered for her over six months ago!!!:)

 Then, she was off to school for more celebration...

She shared a poster of pictures of all of her family.:)

Happiness even got to come!!:)

Later in the afternoon, we went out to the lawn...I mean tennis court for bike riding!:)

 Later on, before dinner, there were a few more gifts to open....who would have known a Rapunzel wig would be included in the mix??!:)

Thank you Snider family for my great outfit!!!:)

She HAD to try out her new ballet outfit along with the ballet slippers!:)

and of course....any birthday wouldn't be complete without the cake!!!:)

and a call to Aunt MAry and Great Grandpa!!:)

and Grammy!:)
Thank you to Grammy and Aunt Mary and Great Grandpa for emailing us to tell us a good time to call.:) Thank you to so many of you for your birthday wishes over email to our newly crowned four year old!!:)  Our little socialite has had quite a day!!!:)

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