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Monday, March 19, 2012

Finding Happiness

I meant to write a few posts over the weekend, but things got too busy around here...there was a lot going on.  I was looking over some pictures from the past weekend, and it struck me as I was loading them to the computer that this weekend was one of those times I felt at home here and could feel real happiness.... 

OK, so Guy about to pass out from blowing up all the balloons for Lizzy's party doesn't really seem like happiness....I don't think he was feeling too happy at this point either!!!:)
 But, Saturday was a personal high light for Jeremy...he got the game ball at his tee ball game.  Let me just tell you how happy it makes me to see him smile.....I think he lights up from within with his happiness...

And, what four year old little girl doesn't find happiness in her birthday party????

the sweaty photographer....(I'll explain later)

 Adults settling in for a long afternoon of four year old partying....we all had a little bit of " happiness" in our cups!!!:)
and the REAL Happiness in the kitchen...she brings me A TON of happiness with her cooking!!!:)

the pinata actually worked!!!

tacos for the "fiesta" were a hit!:)

birthday girl not sure what to think when everyone was singing to her...

but, she was filled with happiness when she blew out her candle!

 On Sunday, we met a friend of Guy's at the Hotel Bon Voyage on V.I.  I am always impressed at how deceiving places can look here.  From the road, I really wasn't too sure what to think, but when we went inside, there was a beautiful courtyard and covered area and a bar....all the happiness I need!!:)
Elizabeth looking out over the lagoon at the shanty village seen from the hotel pool area
Nigerian fishermen chasing fish into their nets by splashing the water and tapping the boat

how can one not be happy looking at these two???? ( sorry if I'm biased)
It's funny that finally after living here for two and half years, I am just now getting to feel more comfortable here.  It takes a while, but I think it is true that you can really find happiness anywhere you just have to know where to find it....

whether it's in a filthy dirty , purple compound or
right out on the streets of Victoria Island....

happiness can be just have to look for it...
(pictures courtesy of the "sweaty marine turned photographer")

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