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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Confirmation of the Fish Heads

I was beginning to think I wasn't really noticing anything crazy around here any more. It is becoming scary to me that seeing a man on the back of an okada carrying a window unit air conditioner isn't phasing me anymore. I was thinking it was time for me to leave for the summer and come back in August with some fresh eyes and ears again so I can notice things around me better... that is until yesterday. Happiness was making us fish for dinner and she had filleted them and cut off the heads. When she was leaving, she asked me if she could take the fish heads home with her. I told her that was fine with me.....but everyone who knows me knows I have to know everything....or at least I had to ask her what she was doing with them. She was going to use them to make a stew.....not sure if it was appetizing to me...but she seemed pretty excited about it. A few minutes later, the phone was the front gate security. I answered the phone and the guard said,"Good evening , Madame. I am calling to confirm the fish heads." I couldn't believe that they were actually wanting to find out if I had indeed given her the fish heads or if she was just taking them. The whole thing was very ironic since many items of furniture seem to disappear from around here without a call from security...but they needed to confirm the fish heads. What a crazy place this is!!!!:)

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