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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Late last night, the Nigerian president was finally declared dead. He had been rumored to have been dead for the last few months, and already the second man in command after him was in control of the government. He had already thrown out the cabinet of the president and brought in his own cabinet members. No one had physically seen the president in so long that most people had assumed that he had passed on. Now, it is official. In true Nigerian fashion, no one knew that today would be declared a public holiday. So, everyone was up and going to work and when they arrived, they were told to go home. Guy wasn't even told it was a holiday until half way through the work day. Jeremy's school found out so late they decided to keep the kids at school and give them tomorrow off as a public holiday. No wonder people in Nigeria can't really plan ahead..the government can't even tell them when they want to declare a holiday until the actual day...just one more reason things don't ever go as planned here.:)


  1. Girl...that's a crazy place! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

  2. HI Candice, I know ...this is a crazy place.:) The day off was fun for Jeremy.:) i hope you have a great Mother's Day!!!:) Meredith:)