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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Stop Light?

Today, Fatai was driving me home. We were going along at a pretty good clip (which doesn't usually happen here). There were no pot holes on the road ( a minor miracle) , and there were no other cars in front of us to keep us from going. We finally stopped behind a car in front of us. We sat there for a few seconds. I kept thinking Fatai would honk his horn...but he didn't. In my head I was thinking, "He uses his horn for every other thing when we are driving...why won't he use it when there is someone stopped in the middle of the road and not moving?" I looked around and saw no other cars coming. I was getting a little more impatient. I finally asked Fatai why the car was sitting in the middle of the road. He said, "Madame, the stop light is red. We cannot go." Sure enough, hidden behind a tall palm bush, there was a stop light on a small post. I couldn't believe it, Nigerians had stopped for a red light. I couldn't believe that I had not seen the red light. It is scary that i was thinking like a Nigerian. I just wanted Fatai to honk his horn. I am a little scared of how I will be driving when I go home.:) ha ha

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