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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Adventures in the Kitchen

This weekend, I ventured to a place I rarely go...the kitchen.:) For those of you who know know that I make every effort to stay out of that room of the house. But, I thought I would give it a try. We inherited an ice cream maker from another family who didn't want it anymore, and I thought Jeremy and I could make some ice cream together. I put all of the ingredients together and put them in the ice cream maker and it was working really well. Jeremy was really excited since we don't get ice cream over here (unless you want to pay 20 dollars for a half gallon of Blue Bell that has been thawed and refrozen). All of the sudden the machine turned off. Jeremy was really disappointed. So, I remembered what I did when I taught Kindergarten. I poured some salt and ice into a Ziploc and then, put the ice cream mixture into another Ziploc and sealed it. I started shaking it, and I couldn't believe that it worked to make the ice cream. About the time I realized this as working , the ice cream maker turned back on. So, I dumped the mixture back into the machine and the ice cream was done. Jeremy was so happy to have chocolate chip ice was so worth the effort.:) Then, that night, I wanted to make brownies to take to the beach. Our oven is not an automatic oven. You have to turn the knob and hold it in to release the gas and then light the pilot on the bottom with a really long match. After four attempts, I was finally able to light it. Then, you have to monitor the temperature in the oven because there isn't a knob to set it. There is a thermometer in the oven on the rack that tells you how hot it you control the pilot light with a knob. I was very proud of myself that my brownies turned out edible! I just won't tell Happiness I can work the oven.:) ha ha

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