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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just like Christmas...well Kind of...

I haven't been on my blog much this week because I have been substitute teaching in Jeremy's classroom while his teacher has been at a teacher conference. It has been really fun being back in the classroom again, but I am very out of teacher shape!!! I have been absolutely exhausted every day after school. Today was my last day to substitute, and it was so fun to come home and see four large boxes waiting for us at home. Jeremy saw them when he came home from school and said, "Yay!!! Our shipment came!!!!" ( I wonder if he has been here too long already?) It was really fun to open up the boxes of Halloween candy, small toys, and even Goldfish and granola bars made my stomach do a happy flip. The kids' personal favorite was when they saw some Cheez -It crackers. We haven't had those since we were in Houston. You would have thought they were opening up all the toys in the world from the screeches of happiness coming from their mouths. Thank you to all of you for thinking of us over here. When we receive those packages, it makes us feel like we have a little piece of home. We think of you all often, and we miss you all very much!

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