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Monday, December 5, 2011

Karate and Carols

 On Saturday, Jeremy had his first karate test.  We thought we were going to the school for the test. But, imagine our surprise when I got a text early on Saturday morning that his testing would be in the Palms Mall in the main area by a Christmas tree!!! It's funny, I was surprised, but not as shocked about it as I would have been a few years ago.:) How is that for trying to focus when working for another belt??!!!
warming up


the test...he got Second white belt!!!! YAY!!!!:) 

It went a little I french braided E's hair for the first time:)

 Then, yesterday, we had "9 Lessons and Carols" at our church on Ikoyi.  It was so cool to have different Christmas carols sung by different  people from different countries!!!!

The girls from the Nigerian School sang

And the French Community

The Latin Community

Yours truly with some children from Sunday School.."Away in a Manger"

The kids did well...Lizzy is into fixing her own hair these days!:)

The older girls from the Nigerian school...these girls had Beautiful voices for "O Holy Night"
 It really felt like the Christmas season is here.  I looked out the window of church and saw many of the girls who go to school here at Holy Child College were doing laundry and hanging it out to dry.  I must really be getting used to it here if I could feel Christmas and still look outside in the heat and sit in a church with the windows open in December.  So, wherever you are right now, I hope you are starting to feel the spirit of Christmas upon you and your family this season!!!  I know we do!:)

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