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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Small World

On Friday, Guy turned 38!  It's his third birthday he's had in Lagos...and honestly, I can't believe myself how quickly the time has gone by. ( Although, there are some of those times when the time here seems to go by sooo slow!)  Two years ago we were the "newbies" here, and now we are embarking on our third year here.

For Guy's birthday on Friday, he wanted just us and the kids to go to dinner at his favorite Indian restaurant.  Who knew that there would be an awesome Indian restaurant right here in Lagos??  We have been coming to this restaurant since we first got here, and I remember thinking " I can't believe that this food is so good!"   The kids even had a great time....especially, when Jeremy recognized a little boy from his class who was there eating dinner with his parents.:) 

No...we don't have another child...we just ran into one of J's friends at dinner.:)
 Then, On Saturday, we had some of our old and new friends come over for a "Day After" birthday party for Guy.  I never thought I would have people from Singapore, Colombia, Sweden, Nigeria and the U.S. all in my house at the same time.....I didn't realize two years ago that that could happen in Lagos.:)
Happiness and the kids:)

trying to light the candles:)

Sorry for the blurry pic....but do you notice more purple?
All of the adults:)

We ordered food from a Thai restaurant near our building...yes....I said a Thai restaurant!!  I never thought I would be saying that I love Thai food in Lagos....but I do!!:)  We had a great time with everyone...and as I was going to sleep last night I kept thinking to myself what small world we really do live in...people in my flat from all over the world, restaurants in Lagos with wonderful food from around the world, my kids going to school with children from all over the world, and Guy and I making friends here with people from all over the world.  Things that I once thought were so foreign and out of touch aren't really that way.  I had to laugh a little bit because I had to move to Lagos to figure that one out.:)

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