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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Out of the many (and I do mean many!) things I have learned while living here is that there is one sport that can gets hearts racing, blood pumping and tempers it's not American is Football as the rest of the world knows it.....for my American friends...a.k.a. soccer.  This is just one of those times that I realized I was living in my own "American bubble" and didn't realize how much soccer really is part of the rest of the world.  I know the U.S. has a soccer team, but no one stays up for Monday night Soccer!  This sport is quite possibly the biggest in the world, and as a typical American, I was oblivious to this fact until I moved here.  When the world cup was held in South Africa last would have thought it was in Nigeria. The amount of advertising and pride that the world cup for football (soccer) was going to be in Africa was so exciting to all the African matter what country they were from.  In our old compound, when there was a game could hear the drivers yelling at the small 12 in.x12in. (or 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm.....yes, my fellow American friends...the rest of the world also uses the metric system....something I struggle with every day I live here...I don't think I can ever get my American brain to figure out the metric system!) Anyway, back to the point at could hear the drivers yelling at the television during the game.  I won't even tell you how loud it was when Nigeria played Ghana!!!!

This past weekend, Jeremy started his third season of Football, and he has really come a long way.  I was thinking how awesome for him that he was able to start playing soccer in a country which loves the game!  Click here to see pictures from his first season playing here.  I have to admit, though, it still doesn't sound right when I call soccer is soccer and football is football.  I guess no matter where you live...your roots are always with you.:)

E Kaale!  ( for now) :)

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