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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

24 Hours

Many of you may not know or understand what I am writing about in this post, and that is okay.  I felt I needed to write this today to document a "first" for me while living in Nigeria.

24 hours ago...things weren't so bright here in this part of the world.  There was lots of trouble brewing with something very special to me.  Let's just say I got my first  real true taste of how difficult it can be to get things done in Nigeria.  Paperwork, lawyers??? My head felt like it was legs were like jelly, and I thought I may throw up at any moment.  I had heard things like that could happen here, but I had never been a witness to it...or been part of it...

But, what a difference 24 hours can make!  Wonderful friends who made call after call to find the right people and the right paperwork, talking to a Nigerian lawyer ( also something I never thought I would do), and finding the right paperwork can take all those jelly legs, head spins and flip floppy belly away!:)  I have always heard the saying "What a difference a day can make!" but until today, I don't know if I quite believed it.

(Just a side note...another first today was when the elevator opened up and a  Nigerian woman who cleans our building walked on wearing the pair of really ratty old slippers I threw away two weeks ago.  I know people go through the trash we put in the dumpster, but I have never been witness to someone wearing something I threw away.)

Thanks to all of my friends over here who helped to pull everything together to make sure we won't have to go through yesterday again!!!

Laugh at me, shake your head , or  do what you will...but for this midwestern small town girl...this was a first:)

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