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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!!!

 Happy Fourth of July to all of you!!! I hope all of my fellow American friends are enjoying their Independence Day with Family and friends today.:)  Our Fourth of July weekend started out with my brother, Greg, and his wife, Julia driving up from L.A.on Friday to visit us.  Saying that the kids were excited was definitely an understatement.:) 

showing off for Auntie Julia and Uncle Greg

Elizabeth LOVES her Uncle Greg!!!!

Auntie Julia could hardly get any air;)
 This weekend, we just relaxed by the pool enjoyed some adult beverages and had a great time being together.:)  The venue was very different from last year but the fun was still the same.:)
Hanging out with Uncle Greg!

Lizzy and Auntie Julia

 My mom, my brother, and me

Mom and Dad..and our regular Scrabble game:)

Having fun in Mom and Dad's pool

 Today, Jeremy woke up and decided that he wanted to make decorations for "America's Birthday" as he said it.   It is amazing how excited he gets when he sees the U.S. flag wherever we are.  Since we have lived in Lagos, he has a very good sense of being an American and is able to pick out his flag as well as many other flags from different countries where his friends are from.  Elizabeth will get there soon...they were having a fight today because she said her flag couldn't be Jeremy's flag, too.:)
Here is MY flag!

working on decorations:)

Elizabeth's "American" decoration:)
 Greg and Julia had to head back down to L.A. this afternoon, but I had to get a few pictures with them before they left.  Thank you to both of you for coming...I know the kids wore you out, but you are both so special to them...and to me ,too!:)

 The kids napped this afternoon and mom, dad, and myself spent quiet time by the was wonderful!:)  Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your help with the kiddoes!!!:)
down time:)
 Had to put this one in from yesterday...Greg was completely worn out from the kids...he laid down on the hot tub...I guess he knew they couldn't get him there????:)
Greg...worn out!

This year is a little different without being in Michigan, but it has been so fun being able to spend time with my mom, Dad, and brother.  The only things which could have made it better is if Guy and my little brother could have been here to join us.  But, don't worry too much about us and not having a huge fireworks show here.  My dad is armed with some "kiddie" fireworks, and Lizzy can outshine any fireworks show any day, anywhere!!!! :)  I think she just may be what they were thinking when the name "little firecracker" was thought of!!!:)

I hope you all have a very safe and happy Fourth of July!!!!

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