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Friday, July 15, 2011


On Wednesday, we packed up in Michigan and headed to Chicago to see Guy's family.  His brother , Robert, just married a very sweet girl from Thailand named Pin.  Guy's sister just moved back from Japan, and some of her friends flew in from Japan this week for a party Robert is having to introduce everyone to his new wife.  Needless to Say, everyone was so happy to see each other.:)  Wednesday night was a huge party.:

Yu, Tatsuya,Robert and Pin

fun at Benihana

Aunt Conch and Lizzy
 On Thursday, Guy's family still didn't have power after  a huge storm hit on Sunday night.  BUt, we all managed to have fun outside with games and gifts for Pin and Robert.  Robert even got into the Japanese spirit and put on an old sumo wrestler costume he had in the basement.  For Guy and me, being without power was just like living after a hurricane.:)

opening gifts

Lizzy and Uncle Robert

 On Friday, we headed down to Chicago's Navy Pier to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school.  We have been friends for almost 21 years!!!  I can't believe that ...but it's true. She brought one of her children, David, along to hang out for the day.  We went on the Ferris wheel, boat ride and walk the pier.:)

on the boat ride on Lake Michigan

Jen and me

Chicago skyline

Jen and David on the Ferris wheel

Living abroad is hard when you can't see your friends all the time, but it was so nice to met up with Jen.  Too bad, Jeremy was just too tired to make it the whole day at Navy pier, but I am so thankful Jen was able to make it up to Chicago to see us.  Thank you so much for coming up!:)

Stay tuned...the Salinas Family adventures will continue!:)

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