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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blue Moon,Blueberries, Beaches and Birthdays!!! ( and a parade)

We arrived in Michigan the night of June 30...and we hit the ground running. On Thursday night we went to Sherman's for ice cream. Jeremy's absolute favorite ice cream is blue moon and so we had to get that.:) Elizabeth has also decided that she liked it, too. The next day, we went blueberry picking which was very confusing for Elizabeth because she kept thinking we were blue moon picking.:) The kids had so much fun...but I think Jeremy ate more berries than he actually picked.:) Saturday, we visited my aunt, uncle, great aunt and uncle, Grandmother and grandfather, and cousins. Jeremy LOVED catching fireflies in my aunt's backyard....I think he could do that forever. Let me just tell cousins really know how to play beer pong.:)Sunday, Jeremy and I walked in a parade with my dad to support my uncle who is running for the state house of representatives in MI. Jeremy was too excited about riding on a float and throwing candy to everyone with his cousins. I wish I could have ridden on a feet were killing me by the time the parade was over...
That night we celebrated all of the summer birthdays in our family. Let me tell you, July and August are HUGE for birthdays in our family...and it was even sweeter because my grandmother was able to be there with us...she is such a fighter!!!!:)
Monday, Guy flew in to see us and we watched fireworks on the beach at Lake Michigan. I don't think it can get more Midwest than that...catching fireflies, parades, cookouts and fireworks.:) It was so fun to spend time with so many members of my family.:) The rest of the week we pretty much spent at the beach and visiting with our family. Thank you to everyone who was able to visit with us this summer....we love you!!!:) ( especially my beautiful Grandma)

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