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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop, Drop, and Chill!

Since Guy left for port Harcourt on Thursday, things have felt a little different around here. I have to say that I really do miss having him around at night to help get the kids ready for bed.:) And, I am pretty sure they miss him, too. Elizabeth keeps asking me "When Daddy come back?" I tell her he had to travel. And then she just screams "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I swear we have talked about that at least three to four times a day and every time her reaction is the same...well, maybe not exactly the same...I think her screams reach a new decibel every time.:)

As many of you moms out there's tough when your hubby is gone for a while. Before you all start screaming that I have a nanny...what am I complaining about!!? I don't keep her all the time when Guy is gone ( or when he is here for that matter). I kind of like it at night when we can all have some time together alone in our flat. Yes, even as much as I love Happiness.:) Which means that I do the dishes (no dishwasher......I think if there was only one thing I could bring in my shipment would be the dishwasher!) and get the kids lunches ready for school the next day while Guy does the bath and snack time before bed.

But, that all changed today when Jeremy woke up with a fever and sore throat. I really wanted Happiness to come over and rescue me from my two whining ( but adorable) children. I haven't been in an actual math class for a while but I am pretty sure that:

1 sick 5 year old +1 antagonizing 2 year old+ 1 malarone clouded mom - 1 usually level headed dad x one 1800 square foot flat= disaster!!!!

That is exactly what I thought this day would turn out to be while Jeremy was trying to watch T.V. on the couch while his sister was constantly standing in front of him so he couldn't see or taking his blanket off of him and running away or going in his room and bringing out his toys to show him that she could play with them and there wasn't too much he could do about it...poor little guy! I thought I had finally gotten them settled so I went to take a quick shower. Gosh Darn that American Children's Tylenol!!!! It took effect pretty quickly, and I heard Jeremy and Lizzy screaming down the hall and finally into my usual 3 minute shower quickly turned into a 1 minute 15 second shower when the alarm of my daughter screaming at the top of her lungs went off! I have to ask, why is it that kids can play anywhere in the entire house...and mine always, always end up right next to me...fighting with each other? Does that happen to anyone else??? To make it bathroom is about 5 feet by 9 feet. Before I almost lost it, I actually took a deep breath and thought about what Jeremy had come home and told me about this week ( excuse me while I ramble on about something that seems like it is off subject but will actually lead somewhere in a minute.....I promise!) He learned about feelings this week...especially feeling angry. His teacher told him about "Stop, drop and chill!" So, I channeled my inner quiet place as the kids were running around me and ultimately pulled my towel off and I was standing there naked at this point. I told myself to chill and then I realized that one day, they won't be with me all the time like they are now......Yes, I could even think that as they were now using the towel I had on as a whip to whip each other around my feet.
After I was able to get myself dressed in the middle of world war three...we had lunch and then the kids had to lie down and take a rest (I guess I didn't mention that I didn't get into the shower until 11:45 a.m.) It took me that long to keep Elizabeth from bothering Jeremy.......for 1.15 minutes!!!

When they woke up, Jeremy begged me to go downstairs and play for "just a little bit". I felt his head and there was no we went for half an hour down to play. I really didn't think I would be sane by the end of the day if I didn't get down to that playground ......and fast!!!:) So, we grabbed the bikes and headed to the elevator. Just when things seemed quiet, they both started "freaking out" ( yes, that is what they actually said....but I think Elizabeth actually said "fweakin out!" because they thought the elevator would close on their bikes. That is when I said to myself," Why do I do this? This happens every time. Ok, Stop , drop and chill!" ( We live on the 7th floor of a mid rise each time we want to go outside and ride bikes we have to haul them in an elevator.....

I managed to get them calmed down enough for the elevator to get to the first floor and the "fweakin out!" started all over again! They were much better when we finally got down to the playground ( Yes, I had to haul the bikes down another set of steps) The kids played for a while and then we hauled everything back up again. ( please see the paragraph before last......the exact same thing happened again!)

Back upstairs for dinner baths and bed. We had minimal loss of food to floor and only a few spills of all in all, a decent dinner. After bath time, I put a short dvd in for the kids to watch and have "quiet time". I was in the kitchen cleaning up and when I came out, I saw Elizabeth in her dress up clothes dancing to the nusic on the T .V.
I had to stand there and laugh...I couldn't help but think of all the ups and downs of the day...the little zig zags that make life interesting. I finally, for the first time all day, felt completely "chilled out" as I was watching her and laughing. Who knew you could learn something from a pre-schooler?!:)

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