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Friday, February 25, 2011


My mom made it through surgery, and I spoke with her on the phone today. She is doing okay and wishing she could get back to life as usual, but knows that there is a long road to recovery ahead. Today is one of those days that I just feel homesick and wish I could be there with her. I read on a blog I am reading today that you should post blogs as if you were talking to your own sister or your best here goes! Some of you may not know (and please don't judge me too harshly)..but I am a total mama's girl.....I call my mom each and every day. (Yes, every day ...without fail...even from Nigeria!) We may only talk for two minutes( when she is literally on her way out the door early in the morning to water aerobics and I am getting ready to eat my dinner)....but it is just enough for each of us to hear each other's voice and know the other one is okay. And, I am almost ashamed to admit...but, this started even before I moved to Nigeria. It is a connection we have to each other..I just can't explain it. So, I have really been feeling the distance between her and I today......the distance of an entire ocean and continent separating us. I feel this distance often...I just haven't written about it. I feel it every time I want to call one of my girlfriends and realize that it is a great time for me to talk, but they are probably asleep. Or, the times I think I'll call at night ( which is afternoon for them) and wake up at 5 a.m. and realize I slept right through the time I should have called. ( That happens more times than I'd really like to admit)
At times like these, I wish my friends from the states could bring their kids over to have all of our kids play together. Today, I wished the grandparents could have seen Lizzy and Jeremy riding their bikes so fearlessly...
But, for today, pictures will have to do.
To my mom: I am praying for you and you know I love you...I will say a special blessing ( you know...THE BLESSING!!!) ha ha
To all my dear friends: I miss you all and even though I don't say it enough...I think of you all the so far away is hard some days ...and today is one of those days...
But, that is what tomorrow is look ahead and see what new things a new day brings!
O da aaro!

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  1. I am awake at the same hour if you want to call me! LOVE