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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Knysna- Monkeyland

Today we had were off to breakfast overlooking the Knysna Lagoon and then, we were off to Monkeyland for a little “ monkeying around”.

 On the way to Monkeyland…

And about an hour’s drive from Knysna in Plattenberg Bay, we arrived at MonkeylandJ

Monkeyland is home to eleven different species of monkeys.  Not all the monkeys here are indigenous to South Africa.  Some of the monkeys are rescued and bought from labs, zoos or other places.  Here, they are reintroduced to the wild, and they are free to roam.  We were told before even entering to hide all car keys and sunglasses because they are known to swoop down and take things from visitors and never to be seen again!:)

And, we saw a ton of monkeys…I don’t remember all of the names, but the kids had a wonderful time walking through the sanctuary and looking up in the trees for all the monkeys.:)

cute little baby monkeyJ

I knew this one was a type of spider monkey…

And from one of my kids’ favorite movies….I knew this was a lemur…a ring tailed lemur to be more precise!:)

And did you know that the ring tailed lemur is the official animal of Madagascar?  They really come from Madagascar.  I guess kids’ movies really do teach you something!:)  I wonder if his name is King Julian…..

This is a black and white lemur. They usually are tree dwellers but maybe he came down to tell us hello???  By the way, Lemurs are not really monkeys…they are pre primates.  See, I do listen to information on tours??:)

And here we are on the longest suspension foot bridge in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is 128 meters long and I am so glad none of us have a deathly fear of heights!!!:)

The kids had a great time seeing all the monkeys and the best part was that the monkeys weren’t in any cages.  They are free to roam around and the kids got to see them in a “natural” habitat.:)

but on the way home…we started to smell something a “little off”….and Guy discovered he had brought a little monkey souvenir back on his shoe…

But, the view on the way home was wonderful!

the kids got to roll in the grass…

and we had dinner at a traditional English pub right at Belvidere Manor….

complete with a wine cellar and fish and chips!:)

After seeing so many people in South Africa walking along the side of the road, I thought the label on the back of this wine bottle was very fitting...

It was a perfect last night in Knysna.  This is a beautiful city, and we had a wonderful time here.  Tomorrow we are off to Cape Town.  We can’t wait!!:)

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