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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

African Safari -Day 3 and Trip to Knysna

The third morning of our safari….

was beautiful!!!!

I am so glad I got these pictures of the lion family…because I don’t think anyone would have believed me!!!!

Then, we were off to the other side of the reserve to find the buffalo…

And we found one…let me just tell you they are absolutely huge!!!!!!!! But surprisingly quiet creatures.  I couldn’t get over the size of his horns.  This is a Cape Buffalo…

After that sighting…it  was back to the camp for breakfast and then to pack up and check out…I couldn’t believe that our safari was over….and the kids couldn’t either…they had so much fun with Ms. Kush, the on site nanny.  She was wonderful with the kids…but we can’t tell Happiness,,,,she wouldn’t like to hear that!:)

and another elephant sighting before we left…

The last drive out of the camp…

And then we were on the road to Knysna….

We passed the Indian Ocean…and Guy did a wonderful job of driving on the other side of the road!:)

We arrived in Knysna at around 6 p.m. and it was beautiful!!!

We are staying at the Belvidere Manor, and it is gorgeous…the kids love that there is so much grass and we have our own little cottage all to ourselves with a view of the Knysna Lagoon…

We even had oysters and champagne delivered to our cottage when we arrived….. picture of us is compliments of Jeremy.:)

We were sad to leave our safari stay, but Knysna looks like it is beautiful, and we can’t wait to explore everything this beautiful town has to offer!:)

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