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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Entering the second week of Wahalla...

Guy and I were hopeful that the strike would be over today.  We thought that the kids would be back at school tomorrow and he would be back in the office.  But, when we woke up this morning and turned on the Nigerian news, the labor unions and Goodluck Jonathan have still not reached a happy compromise.  The head of the Labor Union for offshore oil production had threatened on Thursday to shut down offshore oil production as part of the fuel subsidy protest at midnight last night, but they didn't.  Maybe if they did, it would have put more pressure on the government to reach a compromise faster...  You can click here for more information on the continuing strike.  I think we are all getting a case of cabin fever...but we are doing pretty okay for the most part.  Thank goodness Guy stocked up on two weeks worth of water and food before the kids and I came back or I don't think I would be quite so complacent during this time.  But, the good thing is we are all safe and sound...we are just anxious to have an end to all of this wahalla!!!:)

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