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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bittersweet Day

I couldn't believe we were in January!!!! The temperature was 70 degrees Fahrenheit!!!!! Yep...I said it!!! 70 degrees!!!! It was great! We met my dad for lunch ,and then, Mom and I took the kids to a park near their home.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids had so much fun running and climbing and jumping everywhere!!!
swinging with Grammy

I hope the kids had their fill of running and climbing and jumping in fresh , harmattan free air.  We're heading back to Lagos tomorrow....the bags are packed....

I am writing my blog while sitting int he kitchen talking to my mom and smelling her awesome oven barbecue chicken!!!!! yum!!  I have a pit in my stomach and I am dreading the flight and bus ride back to our flat.  the bags have been weighed  and filled with all of  our U.S. treasures, and we're ready to travel tomorrow.  We have had a FABULOUS time back in the U.S. and I think my batteries are recharged again to head back to Lagos.  I just hate having to say good bye.  I am sure there will be stories to tell in the coming week of the nationwide union strike which is going to start in Nigeria on Monday.  Stay tuned and I'll fill you in!  The next time you hear from me, I'll be on the "other side of the pond"!:)

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