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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures

This week, I received news that my grandmother isn 't doing well. She has been in a very long fight with ovarian cancer for the last five and a half years, and , I have felt very down for the past few days. Then, tonight a smile came across my face when I was watching the kids in the tub. I had to capture some images of the kids in the bathtub that my grandmother would absolutely love. They were laughing and playing and just being silly..I thought to myself that I so wish she could be with them to see them playing....but I did the next best thing....I hope what they say is true...a picture can say a thousand words. If my grandma sees it, I hope she can hear a thousand "I love yous." Grandma, we love you and just to prove it...Elizabeth kissed the picture of you in her book today.:)

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