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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Lizzy's First Day of "School"

Yesterday, Elizabeth went to her first day of her toddler group. it is in the same place that she attends playgroup so it was nice that she was already familiar with the surroundings. She was so proud to wear her backpack. When she first got in the classroom, she was excited to see all the toys that she usually sees when she goes to playgroup. But, when I started walking out the door, she got a little worried. I waved to her through the window, and blew her a kiss. That was little girl was in a little classroom with teachers and other children. Just two years ago, I had a six month old baby! The "school" is only two hours twice a week. When I came to the door to pick her up, she ran over in the corner to show me the fish she painted. She told me" I paint...I paint!!!" The teacher said she did a great job...and Guy and I are so proud of her.:)

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