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Friday, December 11, 2009

Traffic Police in Lagos???

Just saying that kind makes me laugh. I didn't even know who these men were wearing orange shirts and standing out in the intersection directing traffic. I had never seen them before. Today, they were holding batons which they use to beat the okada drivers if they do not follow the traffic signals. ( and I really do mean that they beat the okada drivers). Before we went on the Falomo Bridge, we were stopped at the intersection. There was a car next to us that was going through the intersection on a red light. The traffic officer told him to back up ( he really should have just let him go since he was almost all the way through the intersection). Well, the car that was waiting at the intersection decided to back up to let the car in the intersection have room. That car backed up into another car...and then, there was an accident. At the same time that happened, I looked across the intersection and saw that another traffic officer took an okada driver's okada from him and was wheeling it under the bridge. The okada driver and his passenger now had no mode of transportation. Happiness told me that they were not current on something and the police will keep it until the driver can pay the fine....usually about 200 -500 naira which is about $1-$3 U.S. dollars. It is very humbling to think that people here don't even have that to pay another person. The average income here is about a dollar a day. As I was watching these "traffic police" I thought , are they really making life better for the people here??? I don't think so...

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