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Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Beginning to look Alot like Christmas!

Ahhhh...the temperature outside is about 90 degrees with about 200% humidity. The harmattan is coming in a little bit can only mean one thing. Christmas is fast approaching! Jeremy has been keeping track of how many days it is until Christmas with his Advent calendar. Elizabeth is always a willing participant in checking the advent calendar, but really only wants the chocolate inside.:) Yesterday, we were supposed to go to Jeremy's final soccer game of the season, but it rained, and the game was cancelled. He was pretty down about not going to his last game because he had his heart set on getting his trophy. So, Santa decided to come to our house yesterday instead of today (like he had originally planned). The kids had a great time opening various presents we had brought with us from the States and from Amsterdam while we were there in September. Santa made his extra special delivery to Jeremy and Elizabeth: a big boy bike for Jeremy and an American Girl doll for Elizabeth. It was really fun this year, because both of the kids are really into opening the presents and seeing what is inside. On Wednesday, we begin our trip back to the states to see our families and friends for Christmas. Christmas in Lagos is okay, but there is nothing like being at home with our friends and family at Christmastime.:)

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