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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Wish I Could Have Read this...

Here is a letter I wish I could have read before I moved here...

Dear Meredith,

Don't worry about feeling all alone in a new place because there are nice people all over the world, and most of how you will do in a  new place is based on your attitude.

Don't sell yourself short and think you can't leave things you are stronger than you think.

Don't worry about losing friends from your home because your true friends will stick with you through it all even when they don't really understand why you left.

The power will go out, but consider yourself blessed that you have power at all when so many here don't have it at all.

You will never sit at a table and look at all the food the same way again.  You will see people starving and parents who have nothing to feed their children, and you will feel blessed for what you have.

You will have an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world and you will love it!!!  You think you won't because you will be far from home, but you will love it because it will open your eyes to things beyond your life in the U.S.  Put that knowledge in your mind and remember it for the rest of your life.  It is truly a wonderful opportunity for you!

Your children will learn acceptance and tolerance for people of other races and religions.  They will not identify someone by their skin color but by how they are treated.  Your son will learn to identify flags from all over the world.  Your daughter won't remember her home being anywhere but here.

You WILL be sad when the day comes that you have to leave, but love your stewardess anyway.  She will be your guide and your friend in this foreign land. It will hurt terribly to have to say goodbye but love her anyway and know she will always be in your heart.

You will have to leave all the wonderful people you meet here, but throw yourself into everything you feel passionate about even though you hate saying good bye to things you love.  Leave your "thumbprint" on things which are worthwhile.

Most importantly, remember to "see" the world on this adventure.  This is truly a wonderful experience for your entire family to see outside themselves and learn tolerance and acceptance for people all over the world.

I know you will worry and wonder if you will be able to live in Nigeria, but take the leap of faith that everything will be ok.  You are ready and you will have a wonderful experience!!!



  1. Gave me chill bumps. I know these days full of 'goodbyes' are hard. You are such an incredible mother, wife, friend and most important person. Wishing you good luck on the next chapter! Love-K

  2. I am sure these days full of "goodbyes" are hard. You are an incredible person, mother, wife, daughter and friend and will show us all how to start a new chapter with ease! Love-K