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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Lucky Stars

I haven't been on the blog(very obviously) for a while...things got a little really crazy around here for a while. When you have a sick mom who was admitted to the hospital on June 7 and then a sick son who you thought had strep throat and gave him antibiotics on Friday and then on Saturday and Sunday saw the antibiotics weren't working when he had a fever of 104 which wasn't being controlled by Tylenol or Motrin. Then, you take him back to the doctor on Monday morning and he gets two shots of antibiotics in his legs and another one to take orally while you are trying to calm him down and dry his tears. Then, you get him home and his stomach hurts so bad, he can't walk so you call the doctor back and explain that the fever just isn't going away. Then, you get scared it could be malaria...and then doctor calls the infectious disease doctor at the nearest children's hospital and tells you to rush him over for the blood test because that may be what he has. You carry your son into the ER ( trying to hold back your own tears so he won't see you cry and get even more scared than he already is) and they take blood (while he is screaming) and examine him and he is screaming about his belly hurting and they take him for an ultrasound and discover he has a ruptured appendix, and he goes into emergency surgery at 6 a.m. after staying in the ER all night. Yep...that's a recipe for crazy all right!!! But, after the dust has settled and my close friends and family had my back the entire time ( Thanks to all of you!!!!), I am thanking my lucky stars that this happened here and not in Nigeria...the outcome could have been very different...but we won't even go there..

Here is my sweet smiling boy after a few days in the hospital and he was feeling better!:) He was in the hospital for 7 days on IV antibiotics because his appendix ruptured. I dont know how he does it, but God gave us angels for nurses and doctors to take care of my little angel.:)

 He just came home yesterday.:) He can't swim just yet (per doctor's orders), but we couldn't keep him out of the wading pool. I am so happy to see him smile again. When your child is in so much pain, all you want to do is make it go away, and I am so happy it is gone!!!:)

So, today, I am thanking my lucky stars for my mom and dad and brother for helping me take care of Elizabeth while I was practically "living" at the hospital with Jeremy this past week. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who took such wonderful care of Jeremy, and thank you to my husband and all of my wonderful friends and family for all of your love and support. I couldn't have gotten through this time without all of you there for me. For all of you, I am thanking my lucky stars!:)

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