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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Beginnings

Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great Holiday Season! (I thought the smiles in the above picture can light the way for the New Year!)  I know ours was pretty busy.:)  We were off to Chicago for Christmas and then a weekend at the beach here in Texas and then a quick trip out to Los Angeles to meet the newest member of our family, my nephew. These memories from this holiday season will always be with me.:)
Every New Year comes with a time of reflection and also looking forward.  I am now starting to realize that with each passing year, my children are not the only ones getting older....but I. AM. TOO!!! I can't believe that Guy and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary....wasn't I just 22 a few years ago and planning a wedding???
Here are just a few realizations I have had over the past few weeks for this New Year:
1) 2013 will be our first full year to be back in the U.S. in 4 years

2) I realized that I only have 11 more years of Jeremy being home with us until he leaves to go to college!!!  Only 11 years!!! I can't believe it....that seems like such a short time!

3) I only have until August of this year to still be able to say " I have a little one at home." My baby is going to Kindergarten in August!

4) In March of this year, I have officially been out of teaching for as long as I was in it.

5) I used to think it was cool if I wouldn't get carded because I looked " old enough" it is alarming when I am not carded at the grocery store when I buy wine...

But, this year will be a year of " new and exciting", and I am looking forward to the journey this life will take me on this year.  It will be a brand new year with my great family and wonderful friends. I have a few things "rollin' around in my head" of things I want to do in the new year.  But, I am so looking forward to the many New Beginnings this year will bring!:)


  1. Holidays is always a great way to start and re-plan your life. But for me, I always make it to a point that everyday can be and feel like a holiday so I can have the right spirit to pursue my goals and plan for the best!

    Mary, how to find happiness


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